Mobile has changed how customers make decisions about almost everything. One of the biggest advantages of the mobile era we now live in is our ability to get information that we need on demand—anywhere, at any time.

All of this new information at our fingertips enables customers to examine their choices in much greater detail, helping to increase the confidence in their decisions. Brands that have not embraced this new reality are missing huge opportunities to meet customers exactly where they are in the customer journey. Therefore, content needs to address user intent and be accessible across multiple mobile device types, multiple platforms and multiple channels to create an exceptional customer experience at an opportune moment

So what are these moments on mobile that brands need to seize? And what does that ultimate customer experience look like at each moment?

I Want to Know Moments

In these moments, a consumer wants to learn or discover something by performing initial product research. The content you create must give the consumer relevant information about something they are interested in as well as information about your product.

A good example of this is Dunkin’ Donuts. The company released an app that not only navigates you to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shop, but also provides the wait time at each location, enabling customers to map their route to the shop with the shortest wait time. The app seamlessly takes the consumer to the product.

I Want to Go Moments

According to Google, “near me” searches have doubled in the last year, and searches are most common on weekends when people aren’t consumed with their work-related routines.  On weekends, people are looking for brunch spots, movie theaters and nail salons, as well as cocktails and late-night pizza. Not surprisingly, during the holidays “near me” searches spike by 55%.

Red Roof Inn saw that flight cancellations left 90,000 passengers stranded at airports every day.  With targeted search ads for their locations near airports with messages like “Stranded at the airport? Come stay with us!” As a result, Red Roof saw a 60 percent increase in bookings in non-branded search.

I Want to Do Moments

This type of micro-moment occurs when someone needs some help or instructions doing something. Today’s customers are self-sufficient, so when consumers are ready to do something—e.g. install a product or make a minor repair,marketers need to provide the tools they need to act on their own via any channel, especially on mobile.

Unilever realized that although people were consuming a huge amount of fashion and beauty content on YouTube, only 3% of views were of videos from beauty brand—the remaining 97 percent came from video bloggers. Unilever partnered with Google to use search data to predict hair trends and consumer behaviors before they hit the market. Based on these insights, Unilever’s “All Things Hair” YouTube channel created new content mindful of consumer intent. They provided simple, credible answers to consumers in their I-want-to-do hair care moments and drove extraordinary brand engagement. In just 10 weeks Unilever’s channel became the No.1 hair brand channel on YouTube, and within a year the channel had added more than 50 million YouTube views.

I Want to Buy Moments

Here the name says it all—someone who is looking for information in the run to, or at the moment of purchase.

Google found that “82% of smartphone users rely on their phone to influence a purchase decision while in the store.” However, Esurance realized that while consumers do like the convenience of the mobile web, there are times when would rather just talk to a person. To meet this need, they added click-to-call ads to help consumers engage however it suited their needs at the moment. As a result, Esurance saw an increase in traffic coming to their mobile site, and in just a year, tripled their customer acquisition from mobile.

Micro-moments are golden touch points in your customer journey you won’t come by easily unless you are mapping out the entire customer journey with exceptional consumer insights. We modeled a that incorporates all the key points addressed in this article. Now it’s time to try it yourself!

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