Why Google analytics matters for your E-commerce Business?

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools in determining where your audience come from, monitoring your website visitors, analyzing the data and providing an enormous information about the target group who are interested in your website content, services they are looking for, the platforms and other information details like of how they are reaching to your website.

Google Analytics plays an important role in providing some data that is vital for your business.

Besides giving a detailed analysis of your website visitors, how your campaigns and ads have worked, it also guides where you can make improvements, usage of channels that drives more traffic, helps you in planning and understanding your key performance metrics. Like adding a feather to the cap, Google Analytics also provides you with another benefit of micro targeting your audience.

Having said this, today, our blog is going to cover in detail, how Google Analytics and its data can help your e-commerce business narrow down your target.

Understanding Audience Behaviour

No matter what your business type is, Google Analytics provides you with a detailed information of your website activities and visitor details like age, gender, interests, demographics, browsers and mobile devices.

Understanding your audience behavior is a crucial aspect in micro targeting your audience and narrowing your strategies and tactics to each of these defined groups.

Once you get an overall idea of how your audience are behaving with your website, you’ll know what are the channels and platforms you need to make use of to reach out to these micro targeted groups and make respective call to action.

Determine “Channels” That Drives Traffic To Your Website

Google Analytics helps you determine the channel and other platforms through which your website drives traffic. Based on the analysis you can devise suitable content to attract audience and further narrow them down by the means and reach attained. Once you determine the channels of traffic generation, you can re-strategize your tactics and focus on micro targeting your group by generating tailored content to these defined groups.

Re-Evaluate Your Strategies and Tactics

With Google Analytics it is easy to evaluate your current strategies and make necessary iterations to suit your objective and meet the end results. Once you’ve gained a good idea about your audience demographics and where they come from, you can iterate your choice of platforms and channels and also devise content to micro target your audience. One should never hesitate to try out new tactics and choice of platforms, but should keep a tab on the analytics at regular intervals and check if the newly implemented tactics and strategies have generated better results. Re-iteration and updating strategies and tactics is necessary for all business sectors as it enables micro targeting your audience group.

Provide an Overview of What Your Audience Want

When you get an understanding of your audience behaviour it is easy for you to micro target them. This is where Google Analytics play a major role in providing a detailed information about your audience as mentioned above. Based on the analysis you can get an overview about your audience interests and preferences of the content in your website and further target them based on their behaviour and their preferences to your service.

Understanding Bounce Rate for Audience Retention

Reducing the bounce rate in your site not only increases the sales and conversion but also help in micro targeting your audience. Bounce rate is one of the most misunderstood concept in Google Analytics. It gives an understanding of your web sessions, monitor the page visits, and gives an overall percentage of each visit in a single session. Besides giving the percentage rate, bounce rates also monitor when and which page of your site the user opens and exits without triggering any other requests during that session. This service by Google, actually helps you to analyze and take measurable actions to micro target your group.


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