Introducing CommerceCouncil

Breakthrough e-Commerce Masterminds

Promote networking and collaboration

CommerceCouncil is designed to promote networking and collaboration among eCommerce merchants and professionals by having small group discussions on various commerce related topics. Come and share your knowledge and ideas, and hear how others are handling common challenges and innovating in the world of commerce. It’s like having your own commerce advisory board.

How it Works:


This is currently only available to Director level and above


We place you in a peer group of non-competing merchants


Each mastermind is formatted to identify actionable insights that you can act on

Additional benefits to joining include:


This isn’t consultant speak.  Learn from eCommerce practitioners who are in the trenches.


We put together a guide with the key points of discussion, along with relevant questions and answers that took place live. An excellent resource in case you couldn’t attend or had to leave early.


As a MasterMind member you’ll receive access to an exclusive community designed for merchant success.


As a member of the CommerceBlend community, registering for each Mastermind session will give you the chance to give continuity to the topic discussed by posting any doubt or suggestion that may have arisen within the community forum.

“What I like the most about these sessions is that it is a space free of sales pitches, and instead, we truly focus on helping each other from our experiences”

Daniela Arévalo // Co-Founder at Alexa’s Loft.

CommerceCouncil is the right move if you are:

Currently responsible for running an online store for one or multiple brands.
Interested in learning digital marketing and eCommerce strategies.
Leading your eCommerce operations, budget planning and inventory management.
Motivated to learn new User and Customer Experience techniques.
Wanting to delve into omni-channel or cross-channel strategies for your store.

CommerceCouncil is a paid membership and private community:

Commerce Council members pay either a quarterly ($147) or annual ($499) membership fee. This allows us to do things that other communities can’t do. We have a full-time staff on hand, working around the year on exciting ways to bring innovation to our members.  We also provide all mastermind members with additional access to our CommerceBlend community.

From peer 2 peer collaboration to access to exclusive offers Mastermind members find that their membership is an an investment that is returned multiple times over throughout the year.

If for some reason you change your mind after joining though, just contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your membership, no questions asked.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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