Getting Started with Personalization – 3 Tactics Every Merchant Should be Doing

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Personalization should not be an afterthought anymore but many merchants haven’t been able to or willing to capitalize on it yet. 2017 is the year when personalization becomes an important factor for sustaining competitiveness. How mature is your personalization and where should it head to?

This webinar will feature information about:

Why does personalization matter so much? Illustrated with facts and stats.
Four areas of personalization 50% of the merchants struggle with.
Personalization Maturity Model: a path to fully capture the value of personalization
Three big wins any merchants can do today
Do you want to learn more about personalization and three steps of implementing it in your marketing initiatives?

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About the speakers:

Integrated digital agency located in Chicago, US with 10+ years of experience in the market.

Their expertise revolves around designing, creating and bringing to market websites and any other type of services and digital experiences, so brands can successfully sell and convert within the digital landscape.

An online community, exclusive to ecommerce merchants, from where they can grab resources and information for growing their online businesses.

Toolkits, curated strategies, ROI calculators and whitepapers containing best practices are among their top resources.

A on-site search optimization company that has the mission the give online shoppers the frictionless, fun experience; finding only relevant and accurate products that match customers’ desires.

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Client of The Plum Tree Group
Client of The Plum Tree Group
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