Over the years, internet browsers have become a powerful tool for surfing and exploring websites and is an easy access to any product or service online. With many browsing options available most of the brands have their own digital presence and website platforms to reach out to their target group. Website development is a crucial element as it involves some important aspects like customer query, online visitors, online sales, online services and browsing experience.   

Browsing experience plays a pivotal role in making online customers visit your website again and again and more the repeated visitors, more are the chances for customer retention. To give your customers the best browsing experience you need to make sure you have the following measures implemented in your website.

Page speed optimization

Page load speed time is important  for the site visitors to navigate and explore through the different pages of your website. Slower page load speed results in visitors abandoning the website. On an average, a web page is expected to load in 3 to 5 seconds. Any longer than that will make your site visitors leave your site. Slower your page loading speed is the more you have site visitors abandoning your site.

“Having a low pagespeed results in 7% drop in conversion rates and a 16% drop in customer satisfaction with one second delay on page load” – Web Guru

As per results, it is observed that 47% of customers do not wait for more than 5 seconds for the page to load. Having a good page load speed time makes your audience more interested in your website content and navigate through the site. Visitors who do not have good browsing experience are less likely to visit the site again.

Website navigation

Easy navigation is one of the essential factor in giving the visitors a good browsing experience. An easily navigable website not only increases the time a visitor spends on your website but also gives your visitors more time to explore and discover information about your company. If the site navigation is not easy and takes time to navigate, this might result in increase in bounce rate of the site. Thus to avoid such complications, it is advisable to have easy navigation in your site.  

Interesting content

Good content is what sets your website apart from your competitors and delivers the right message into the minds of your customers. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content. Having an interesting content is important for customer retention. The more interesting content your website has, more visitors will be interested to visit your site and subscribe to the content. This further results in good browsing experience and customer retention.

Compatible in other browsers

There are many browsers available for surfing and few of the most popular browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. A good website should work properly on all these popular web browsers. If your website is good enough to run in all these browsers, it gives a consistent experience to your site visitors which in turn increases customer retention.

Simple and professional design

Website design is a very important factor in attracting visitors to your site. When the design is good and appealing, visitors will develop an interest to explore and navigate through your website. Design plays a crucial role in attracting customers and making them visit your site again and again. Having a promising web design gives your customers a good impression and encourages them to read what you do, what are are your products and services and any other business information.

CTA or other forms

Having a Call to action is an important aspect in encouraging your site visitors for conversions. Forms like Contact Us encourages your visitors to take the next step of action to reach out to you. Other buttons like Subscribe us also play a crucial role in audience engagement and audience retention.


Google Analytics are the most useful to keep a track of your website visitors, what page they viewed, sources they come from and the overall time they spent in your website. Keeping a tab on visitors will help you iterate and re-strategize your current tactics and devise new for gaining more customers and customer retention. Unlike other channels, websites can be easily tracked to see what is working and what isn’t. This data will help you in improving your business and content of your website.


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